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A Second Opinion

If you’re looking for an impartial, outside perspective on a current project, RLB is available for a second opinion. Whether you’re acting on a gut instinct that something with your project just isn’t right or seeking another perspective because of specific design or budget concerns, a fresh pair of eyes can clarify issues, advise you on whether your plans and expectations are realistic, and suggest options you hadn’t considered or thought possible. No matter what stage you’re in, or whether it’s a one-room renovation or a new, large-scale home, a second opinion from another expert will only help to safeguard your expectations are met and your vision accurately realized. 

Saving an Existing Project

There are times, for whatever reason, when a homeowner must part ways with the original architect. To be clear, a situation where one architect replaces another on a project already in progress is rarely an ideal situation for either party concerned, but ultimately, it’s the property owner’s right to hire or fire professionals and consultants under their employ. Whether you’re looking to supplant the original architect or bring on a second architect as a consultant, RLB is always open to sitting down with you to discuss how we can help get your project back on track. Even if we didn’t originate the design, we’ll do everything in our power to resolve all issues and bring the existing plans up to your and our standards, even if it’s decided we go back to square one. If you’re looking to bring us in during the construction phase, we’ll draw from our years of hands-on experience to improve what may be a less than optimal building process and do our best via regular meetings with you, the builder, and other consultants so your project is completed to your expectations. 

Consulting for Developers

A note from our principal architect, Richard Blumenberg, AIA:

 As founder and principal architect of RLB Architecture, I come with over 30 years of design and project management experience in both the residential and commercial spaces, making my firm uniquely qualified and well-positioned to consult for city developers. Long active in my community, I’m the consultant architect for five local homeowner associations, and from 2019 to 2020 was Chair of the Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce. Currently, I’m a board member of the Pacific Palisades Community Council, where I serve on both the Land Use Committee and the PPCC Community Plan Update Committee.

 Because of the ever-changing dynamics of the environment due to climate change and the ever-increasing need for sustainable design and green building, it has become increasingly vital for developers to consult with architects with the highly specialized knowledgebase and skill set for today’s challenges. It’s no wonder that many in the industry are now turning to experienced architects for their acumen and vast, specialized experience to help navigate the often-tricky real estate development landscape. Both honored and enthusiastic to be called upon for such projects, I draw from my vast experience and unique expertise to help developers identify problems, resolve design issues, and find solutions for the inevitable construction dilemmas and do it quickly, skillfully, and, most importantly, cost-effectively. 

Managing Expectations

Managing client expectations is a top priority for RLB. We believe open and regular communication is critical in safeguarding against disappointments and potential conflicts among your team of consultants and vendors. To avoid unpleasant surprises, we keep you fully informed and up-to-date throughout the design and construction process.

As we’re here to protect your interests and facilitate your vision, it falls to us to balance your expectations with the realities of the situation, goals of the project, and constraints of the budget. RLB has both the character and integrity to share with you what is in your best interest to get the job done right. You can count on RLB to be the voice of reason and to always tell you the truth.

Consulting and Coordination
  •  Because of climate change, there is an ever-increasing need for architects with expertise in sustainable architecture. RLB has the skill set and green building knowledge for such a challenge.
  •  Many in the industry are turning to established architects for their vast and varied experience. With over 30 years on the job, RLB is available and honored to be called upon for such projects.
  •  It takes years of experience to know how to identify problems, resolve design dilemmas, and deal with the inevitable construction issues at the job site. RLB handles it all quickly, skillfully, and cost-effectively while maintaining harmony between professional staff members.
  •  RLB possesses the necessary communication skills to create a cohesive team where collaboration and mutual respect rule the day. A harmonious and collaborative team helps safeguard the project goes smoothly and is completed on time.
  • When consulting on a project done by others, RLB’s highest priority is finding solutions to problems that will put the project back on track while maintaining trust and harmony with the remaining members of the project team.

RLB Architecture is a joy to work with! Richard and his staff are true professionals who know their craft. We have been working with Richard since 1993, and he consistently delivers beautiful and complete architectural designs and drawings. We recommend him to anyone contemplating a custom home!

—John and Krista Everage, Everage Design


RLB Architecture is a high-end architecture and design firm that provides custom design, planning, drafting, and construction administration services for projects in the Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Malibu, Santa Monica, and other Westside communities. Richard L. Blumenberg is the proprietor.


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