Construction Administration

Partnership with the Homeowner and Project Team

A skilled and committed team player, RLB knows the value of collaboration when it comes to delivering a custom new home or remodel on time and on budget. When setting out to execute the homeowner’s vision, egos are checked at the door, and partnerships are formed with the homeowner, contractor, interior designer, and other consultants, an approach that not only fosters a smooth process but a successful outcome. In addition to assisting with contractor selection and construction observation, we also work hand in hand with the contractor for the quality control of materials and adherence to the design requirements. While balancing the sometimes-conflicting needs and expectations of the client, builder, subcontractors, and material suppliers can be tricky, our unique expertise enables us to cut through the noise to find a solution that not only satisfies all interested parties but, more importantly, protects your interests and investment.

Observation is Key

RLB will be on hand to observe construction, guiding and supporting the client through the sometimes-chaotic building process. We’ll meet with the client and contractor regularly to answer questions, address issues, dispel anxieties, and, above all, make certain the homeowner’s vision is accurately realized. Tenacious yet flexible, we’re able to overcome the inevitable surprises and address the design changes that frequently accompany the construction process. Representing the client’s interests during the construction phase of their home is one of the things our clients say they most appreciate about us.

Limits of Our Responsibility

RLB is not responsible for engineering services, including surveying, soils, geotechnical, electrical, mechanical, civil, structural, acoustical, environmental hazardous waste or toxic substance engineering services, professional construction cost estimating services, or contractor services­, including compliance with code and statutory functionality requirements and job safety. In addition, we’re not responsible for permit acquisition, landscape design, or interior design/decorating. Although we work in conjunction with the professionals from each of these areas and may even provide hiring recommendations, we leave it to the client to hire these additional service providers.

Product Selection and Coordination

In addition to observing construction, we will work with the client in selecting the appropriate products that are readily compliant with the project’s particular needs. Once the vendors have been selected, RLB will be on hand to coordinate with the contractor and endeavor to confirm the products delivered to the site meet the specific needs of the design and your home is built or remodeled according to plan.

Richard Blumenberg has always treated our projects as priorities and is always so pleasant and accommodating. He’s overcome many challenging technical, functional, aesthetic, and city-related obstacles and always invents creative ways to achieve even our most complex objectives.

—Jay and Phyllis Schapira, Beverly Hills, California


RLB Architecture is a high-end architecture and design firm that provides custom design, planning, drafting, and construction administration services for projects in the Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Malibu, Santa Monica, and other Westside communities. Richard L. Blumenberg is the proprietor.


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